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  • Enhanced productivity in managing IP, technology transfer, and business development
  • Increased participation by innovators
  • Improved entrepreneurship
  • Balanced support to and productivity from interns
  • Informed internal and external stakeholders
  • Effective use of competitive intelligence

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"Well organized, useful and engaging webinar - thank you!"

– Tech Transfer Professional, federal laboratory

"The webinar training accelerated learning for our interns.…  [The] webinar training really helped the interns focus on productive research and improved their analysis… [and] helped improve the interns' confidence in reaching conclusions, which sped up the screening process as well as improved the quality of the screens.… We'll continue to use the webinars each semester as new interns progress through their first screening reports."

– Interim Assistant Director and Technology Manager,
major research university

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Fuentek's Webinar Library

All the benefits of a world-class training seminar…

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weary travelerFuentek has more than a decade of experience in achieving success for university, corporate, and government clients in the technology transfer, business development, and R&D community. Our growth as a company is due to our proactive, efficient, and effective processes and the exceptionally high quality of our staff.

Now you can tap into Fuentek's experience and expertise for yourself!

Fuentek's webinars give you the tools you need to take your innovations farther.

  • Get more and better leads for licenses and partnerships.
  • Prioritize your technologies, focusing on the opportunities with the greatest potential for success.
  • Leverage the latest technology tools to maximize your success.
  • Implement best practices in your own office.
  • Save money without compromising your strategic/competitive position.

Proactively and Strategically Managing Innovation: Creating the Efficient and Effective Technology Transfer Office

Valuing the Deal: Working the Negotiating Table to Your Advantage

Get practical advice that will help licensing executives prepare for and negotiate successful deals.

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social media webinar

Pitching for Innovators: Communicate at the Right Level for Any Audience

Are your organization's innovators talking effectively about their technology with prospective licensees, partners, and investors? Do they capture the audience's attention or do the listener's eyes glaze over? Before the next meeting, arm innovators with strategies that will help them communicate successfully to various audiences. This webinar teaches innovators how to build an effective communications strategy.

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Proactively and Strategically Managing Innovation: Creating the Efficient and Effective Technology Transfer Office

Proactively and Strategically Managing Innovation: Creating the Efficient and Effective Technology Transfer Office

Implement the strategies to achieve tech transfer success, achieving your goals and meeting your metrics

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social media webinar

How We Rode the Social Media Wave: Lessons Learned from a Technology Marketing Effort

You know that social media is the new business as usual. You know you should incorporate social media into your marketing tool box, posting content not only on your Web site but also on YouTube™, SlideShare, and other services—not to mention in blogs and through Twitter®, LinkedIn®, and maybe even Facebook® sites. But no one talks about exactly how to get out past the breakers and truly ride the social media wave and get results… until now. 

Ride the social media wave now! The webinar video is only $185!

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Screenings Step-by-Step: Technology Triage for TTO Pros and Interns

Whether your tech transfer office receives dozens of invention disclosures per month or only a handful, making the "technology triage" decision in the fastest and most cost-efficient manner is essential. How do you make it an economical and time-saving decision?

The answer is easy: Perform technology screenings following the Fuentek Filtering Process. Purchase Fuentek's webinar video on how to do technology screenings.

Train your entire staff! The webinar video is only $185!

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marketing planning

Stop Reacting, Start Proacting: Planning for Strategic Technology Marketing

With the dozens or even hundreds of patents in your portfolio, you may be wondering how on earth to start marketing them. Certainly you can start by promoting them on your Web site and seeing what prospects come in, but that type of reactive marketing is not always the best way to get deals for a technology. To get the most deals—and the best deals—you often have to be proactive in your marketing. But budgets are not bottomless, so you have to be efficient as well.

Don't wait for your licensing prospects to come to you! Learn how to create a proactive and strategic action plan so you can go out and get them, using Fuentek's proven methodology.

This webinar tells you how.

Learn how to do the homework that leads to effective action plans! The webinar video is only $185!

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Effective Technology Marketing: Get to the Negotiating Table

Learn how to use proactive marketing strategies to achieve technology transfer success.

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Implementing Open Innovation webinar

Implementing Open Innovation: Symbiotic Success for Tech Transfer Offices

Accelerate your R&D and get more licensing deals by effectively pursuing the proactive, concerted spin-out and spin-in of technology.

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