We understand the need for improvements and collaborate with you to achieve measurable increases in success

  • Enhanced productivity in managing IP, technology transfer, and business development
  • Increased participation by innovators
  • Improved entrepreneurship
  • Balanced support to and productivity from interns
  • Informed internal and external stakeholders
  • Effective use of competitive intelligence

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Training Webinars & Workshops

Empower your team to take innovation to the next level

Fuentek has helped clients be more successful in taking innovation from bench to business through effective training.

Our experienced trainers use on-site and webinar-based interactive training programs and mentoring tailored to meet your organization’s needs for improved processes and insightful perspectives. We also offer a library of recorded webinars.

Our programs help members of your organization boost their productivity and enhance their effectiveness in taking innovations farther.

Below are a few of the areas we can assist with as well as links to some of our insights and favorite tips.

training graphic ip management

Contact us today to find out how our training services can help achieve success for your R&D, business development, or technology transfer organization.