We understand the need for improvements and collaborate with you to achieve measurable increases in success

  • Enhanced productivity in managing IP, technology transfer, and business development
  • Increased participation by innovators
  • Improved entrepreneurship
  • Balanced support to and productivity from interns
  • Informed internal and external stakeholders
  • Effective use of competitive intelligence

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Training for Tech Transfer/Business Development Professionals and Interns

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! I also heard a lot of positive “buzz” after the session from the other members on how great they thought your information was for us!"

– Intellectual Property Specialist,
pediatric hospital
research institute

"[We] were very, very pleased
with the content, delivery and
the enthusiasm of [the presenters].

– Director of Business Development,
biomedical research institute
"The training session you conducted and the chance to apply it right away on the project was one of the best learning experiences I can remember.  I doubt if I ever will forget the better, faster, cheaper concepts."

– Technology Management
Office Intern, major research university

Fuentek offers live and recorded webinars on our proven processes for IP management; open innovation; and establishing a proactive, effective, and cost-efficient technology transfer or business development office.

Customized training programs can be held on-site or remotely and will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Topics include:

  • Establishing effective internship programs, training for interns, and train-the-trainer sessions – see our insights on internship programs
  • Evaluating a technology’s commercialization potential through rapid screenings and market-based assessments – see our insights on effective technology evaluation
  • Effective marketing of licensing opportunities, including strategy development and implementation –see our insights on marketing strategies and marketing tools
  • Developing effective deal-making strategies, conducting successful negotiations and following up after the deal is signed – see our deal-making insights
  • Implementing open innovation, technology sourcing, collaborative R&D, and Symbiotic Innovation – see our insights on Symbiotic Innovation
  • Working with inventors to maximize the benefits of their discoveries by developing innovations for commercialization success – read more about our innovator training services

Contact us to discuss what training program is best for your organization.