Fuentek helps you:

  • Focus your efforts where success is most likely, achieving greater ROI
  • Spin out more technologies and startups
  • Secure external resources to increase your impact

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Technology Transfer

Create technology-based ventures that meet market needs today and beyond

Known by many names, effective technology transfer maximizes the return on your organization's R&D investments. Whatever you call it, call Fuentek for help with:

  • Innovation Management
  • IP Management
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Licensing
  • Technology Sourcing
  • Open Innovation
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Technology Ventures

Fuentek takes a proactive, strategic approach to technology transfer, looking at the IP portfolio and R&D investments as a whole, thereby achieving greater success for our clients.

Our award-winning team and comprehensive range of services are designed to complement your office’s capabilities, enabling us to be an integrated team member and trusted advisor.

Fuentek will work with you to design the right combination of services to meet your needs for:

  • Managing the innovation/IP portfolio: Achieving greater efficiencies in processing invention disclosures
  • Securing more deals: Increasing win-win licenses, options, partnerships, and open innovation deals
  • Increasing your impact: Creating programs that successfully achieve organizational goals
  • Expanding your influence: Enhancing your visibility and prestige internally and externally
  • Improving decision-making: Allocating resources to the projects with the greatest chance of success
  • Building capacity: Empowering your staff, interns, and inventors to make the most of innovation

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