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Impact for Clients

We have helped our clients…

  • Increase licenses, options, and other partnership and open innovation deals: Fuentek assesses innovation from a market perspective, evaluating market readiness for the technology and vice versa.
  • Increase startup company formation and venture capital investments: Fuentek identifies opportunities where there is a strong match with market need.
  • Achieve greater time/cost efficiencies in processing and patenting invention disclosures: Fuentek analyzes IP portfolios in phases, eliminating low-potential technologies from the evaluation process early.
  • Enhance their visibility and prestige both internally and externally: Fuentek develops and implements effective strategic communication plans.
  • Increase the success of their startups and other new ventures: Fuentek identifies viable candidates, helps them pitch to investors, and recruits management and mentors.
  • Secure key funding: Fuentek identifies new funding opportunities and helps develop successful proposals.
  • Increase their connections to and involvement with local and regional businesses and industry: Fuentek identifies areas of synergy and brings together complementary capabilities.
  • Enhance their standing with economic development organizations: Fuentek helps establish productive collaborations and plan results-focused events.
  • Increase their sponsored research agreements (SRAs) and other funding to accelerate translational research: Fuentek identifies early-stage technologies with market potential and secures industry interest in translational research.
  • Establish win-win collaborative R&D agreements with high-value partners: Fuentek recognizes when collaborations are likely to be successful and helps develop clearly outlined statements of work.
  • Create alliances with exponential value: Fuentek matches clients’ strategic R&D strengths and technologies with external organizations’ needs and vice versa.
  • Strategically invest in R&D with greater market potential: Fuentek aligns technology capabilities with industry need and identifies areas of strength where resources could be directed to capitalize on those strengths.
  • … and much more

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