Fuentek helps you:

  • Translate more early-stage discoveries into marketable products
  • Secure more partnerships with greater strategic and financial value
  • Bring in more external funding for internal efforts

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Research & Development

Increase the influence and impact of your innovations

Beyond the bench, there are decisions and efforts that affect the success of R&D programs. Fuentek can help with:

  • Technology Sourcing
  • Technology Policy & Investments
  • Innovation Alliances & Partnerships
  • Research Foundations
  • Industry-Sponsored Research
  • University-Industry-Government Relations

Having worked with dozens of clients across private, university, and government sectors, Fuentek understands the challenges that R&D organizations face.

With our team's combination of broad technical expertise, real-world business experience, and unparalleled communications capabilities, our comprehensive services match any technical area, any industry focus.

Fuentek will work with you to design the right combination of services to meet your needs for:

  • Accomplishments: Designing programs that align with your organization’s goals
  • Resources: Allocating internal funds, securing external funding and sponsored research, and expanding your portfolio through technology sourcing and open innovation
  • Impact: Taking your early-stage discoveries through translational research and out into markets
  • Stature: Building your reputation as a leading source of innovation and expertise
  • Insight: Connecting your technology discoveries with what is needed in the market
  • Effectiveness: Giving your team the perspective and skills to make the most of innovation

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