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Fuentek's team of engineers, marketers, researchers, writers, commercialization experts, and others are actively involved in industry and their local communities. Their achievements in their respective fields and the achievements of Fuentek show the level of professionalism that has made Fuentek a success. Here are some of the most recent Fuentek news stories, press releases, and awards.

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The following news articles contain references to Fuentek.

Is Filing a Patent Worthwhile? Sarasota Herald-Tribune (1/11/2016)

Laura Schoppe, an expert in technology transfer, says, "It costs upwards of $20,000 to get a United States patent (mostly lawyer fees to write a strong patent) and over $100,000 for international coverage. Getting a patent just so you can say you have one is not likely to be cost effective. Additionally, a business should look at what they intend to do with the patent, its potential impact."

Collaborating with Universities and Government Labs –a peer-reviewed article by Laura A. Schoppe and Richard W. Chylla of Michigan State University published in Research Technology Management, the journal of the Industrial Research Institute (1/2016)

Innovative organizations have long recognized the value of collaboration between well-matched partners. University and government labs can make particularly appealing partners, as they often have unique capabilities, expertise, and intellectual property (IP) portfolios. Indeed, as Parson describes in a 2013 journal article, a number of large pharmaceutical companies have formed long-term collaborations with universities focused on early-stage research. Other industries are following suit, seeking to access university and government resources to feed innovation.

Researcher Merry-Go-Round: Best Practices for Handling Departing Faculty – Tech Transfer eNews Blog (10/20/2015) and Technology Transfer Tactics (Published October 2015 by Technology Transfer Central)

[In] July a judge ordered USC to return the database to UC-San Diego, which maintained control of the government funding. Details of the case remain murky, but that outcome seems generally in line with standard academic practice, suggests Becky Stoughton, MBA, CLP, vice president of Fuentek LLC in Apex, NC. "Transferring ownership of the results of research (such as a database) that happened prior to the researcher's employment with the new university would be very atypical."

6 Key Components to a Successful License Negotiation That TTOs Sometimes Let Slip – Tech Transfer eNews Blog (8/12/2015) 

In her recent blog post, Danielle McCulloch, vice president at tech transfer firm Fuentek, offers six key components of licensing negotiations that are sometimes forgotten by tech transfer professionals:

Why Universities Should Have a Centralized Technology Transfer Organization – Tech Transfer eNews Blog (7/15/2015) 

Laura Schoppe, founder and president of tech transfer consulting company Fuentek LLC, argues that having a centralized tech transfer office (TTO) makes for a stronger university. According to Schoppe, TTOs face enough challenges as it is; one challenge that can be avoided relates to the office's structure. "Centralization, coordination, and even consolidation of TTOs can go a long way toward making commercialization of university innovations more effective," says Schoppe.

Is Your TTO Focusing on the IP "Forest," or Only the Trees? – Tech Transfer eNews Blog (5/13/2015) 

In her recent blog post, Danielle McCulloch, vice president of tech transfer consulting firm Fuentek, advises TTOs on the benefits of conducting a regular review of their entire IP portfolios. "Technology transfer offices need to see the forestand the trees," McCulloch writes. "TTOs have to evaluate each innovation individually, but they also need to consider its strategic value relative to other IP in the portfolio."

How Lean Start-Up Principles Can Be Applied to University Tech Transfer – Tech Transfer eNews Blog (4/8/2015) 

In her recent blog post, Rebecca Stoughton, vice president at tech transfer firm Fuentek, argues that the principles of the lean start-up can also be applied to university tech transfer offices.… "Time and again, when we [at Fuentek] have conducted market research and gathered competitive intelligence on a technology, we've gained insights about what the market really needs in order to be interested in that technology," says Stoughton. "…This feedback — which can be used by the inventor to improve the technology to better meet the market's needs — maps nicely to the [Lean Startup] build-measure-learn feedback loop."

In Depth: NC Robotics Competition – Interview on TWC News for Central North Carolina (3/19/2015) 

They're amazing. I'm an aerospace engineer and I'm impressed every time I see what these kids have done with these robots.… They learn math, science, they also do programming, they have to do marketing, they have to write a business plan. It's multifunctional, it's great.… They're getting not just the help from the mentors, but they're getting exposed to different types of careers, which is part of what we're trying to do… inspire them to think about these careers that they otherwise wouldn't even know about.… It's so inspiring. I spend the whole day doing the judging, but come 5:00 I'm more energetic than I was at 8 a.m.

Governor's 'Innovation' Plan Shows Potential for Entire State, Not Just RTPWRAL TechWire (1/16/2015) 

The McCrory administration put together an all-star list of leaders in venture funding, technology and university R&D to form its "Moving Forward on the Innovation Triangle" plan. And the proposal outlined by Gov. Pat McCrory on Friday shows considerable promise, obviously reflecting the talent on the panel.… [It's] an impressive group. DeSimone and Jablokov are successful entrepreneurs. LeVert and [Fuentek's Laura] Schoppe make their living finding ways to evolve R&D into business. Lomax has a strong record of achievement at NCSU. Thorp, Cambier and Mumma know VC inside-out. If this plan can unravel the Gordian Knot that is tech transfer, the Triangle and the entire state will continue to grow as a hub of innovation.

Three Metrics Your TTO Probably Doesn’t Track but Should –Tech Transfer eNews Blog (8/20/2014) 

According to Laura Schoppe, founder and president of Fuentek, LLC, university tech transfer offices should be measuring several areas that most have only scratched the surface of. Yet she contends that these metrics are of greater importance than the common focus on start-ups. Specifically, Schoppe points to three major metrics TTOs should focus on that “will have a much bigger impact on the local economy than most start-ups because they lead to hiring more staff that are high-salary jobs.”

4 Ways Tech Transfer Offices Can Improve IP Education for Researchers –Tech Transfer eNews Blog (8/13/2014) 

In her recent blog post, Danielle McCulloch, a senior tech transfer consultant for Fuentek, offers advice for university tech transfer offices (TTOs) that aim to educate students and professors about their role in protecting IP and engaging in tech transfer. “There are scientists and engineers currently in the work force who could use this training,” writes McCulloch. “And technology transfer offices can help. In fact, it’s a TTO’s interest to provide it.”

Cutting-Edge Tech: A How-To Guide for Corporate Licensing Officersan invited article by Laura A. Schoppe published in Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) magazine (8/2014) 

Many companies perceive barriers to engaging in licensing with universities and government laboratories. Looking past the reasons for these perceptions – whether real or based on commonly held misconceptions – one can readily see that licensing university or government innovations is by no means impossible; nor is it overly expensive.... Given the potential for success, it is helpful to tackle the process of licensing university and government innovations strategically and efficiently by following some best practices.

Leading an IP Management & Technology Transfer Firm – Advancing Women in STEM (6/30/2014) 

In this ~5-minute interview, Laura Schoppe discusses her career trajectory, her leap to technology transfer, the momentum to start Fuentek, and advice for women in STEM careers.

Laura Schoppe interview by Sarah LevittThe Making Magnificence Project™ (5/12/2014) 

After beginning her career as an aerospace engineer and working in the defense industry, Laura navigated several career transitions before taking the leap to becoming an entrepreneur. Here she shares her story of going from employee to employer, creating one of the first virtual companies, and finding that “different can be good.”

Going, Going, Gone – Another Patent Auction Throws Up More Questions Than Answers IAM Blog (4/18/2014) 

According to Laura Schoppe, founder and President of tech transfer specialist Fuentek, not knowing how much money the auction generated makes it particularly difficult to judge whether it was a success. Here’s her full take on it:...

UC-Corporate Links Produce Trove of Patents, Study Finds San Francisco Chronicle (3/19/2014) 

Research from UC Berkeley found that corporate-sponsored inventions at the University of California system over 15 years generated more patents and licenses - two benchmarks of innovation - than did those solely backed by the federal government, the traditional and largest source of funds. It's little surprise that industry-supported research produces more patents, said Laura Schoppe of Fuentek, a technology-transfer consulting company. Companies enter research deals with a sense of what the end result might be, whereas the government funds nuts-and-bolts work unattached to any particular use. "The problems that industry brings tend to have roots in a need," Schoppe said. "There's a reason they're doing it."

Johnson & Johnson, Alector Team Up on Alzheimer's Therapies San Francisco Chronicle (3/10/2014) 

Big pharmaceutical companies traditionally poured a lot of money into internal scientific research, said Laura Schoppe of Fuentek, a consulting service that helps universities, government labs and companies bring technology to market. But in the wake of the economic downturn, they are "trying to leverage other people taking that early-stage risk - and then, once it's a little bit more proven, they come in and buy it or augment it," she said.

Stanford's StartX Among Region's Key University Incubators San Francisco Chronicle (2/23/2014) 

The region also boasts non-university-affiliated incubators, like Rock Health and Y Combinator, but universities remain the dominant hubs of innovation, said Laura Schoppe of Fuentek, a consulting service that helps universities, government labs and companies bring technology to market. Bay Area universities in particular are "in a position to help their startups get through that gap," she said.

3 Questions and Good Resources on Collaboration, Open Innovation for Universities blog (9/24/2013) 

With regards to resources on collaboration and open innovation for universities and tech transfer units, I can point to these reads and websites:

Fuentek: A consulting company that also offers great insights

TTO Advisory Panels: Best Practices to Optimize Success Technology Transfer Tactics (Published September 2013 by Technology Transfer Central)

“Every university has its areas of focus. You want your panel to reflect those core competencies,” says Laura Schoppe, MBA, MSE, RTTP, president of the Apex, NC-based intellectual property management and tech transfer consulting firm Fuentek LLC. “So if pharmaceuticals and chemistry, for example, are your two hot areas, you need to recruit panel members in those areas.”

One-Time Expert Advisory Panels Can Slash IP Backlogs Technology Transfer Tactics (Published September 2013 by Technology Transfer Central)

Having external expert advisory panels available to offer free advice on patenting and commercialization issues is an attractive concept, but such panels may not be sustainable long-term for many technology transfer offices, says Laura Schoppe, MBA, MSE, RTTP, president of the Apex, NC-based intellectual property (IP) management and tech transfer consulting firm Fuentek LLC.

Commercialization of NASA’s Robonaut 2 Technologies radio interview for WPTF and the North Carolina News Network (6/2013) 

“Fuentek is an intellectual asset management consulting firm, and we are under contract to several NASA centers to help them in identifying new applications and licensees for the technologies developed under federal R&D. And in this particular case, we’re talking about well over 40 patented and patent-pending technologies. And so we worked with NASA Johnson to really develop that strategy for how to maximize the benefits of the technology. And the webinar is really the first step in that process of getting the word out.”

IP Expert Offers TTOs Advice on Using External Advisory BoardTech Transfer eNews Blog (5/29/2013) 

Laura Schoppe, founder and president of the IP management company Fuentek LLC, recently posted an article for tech transfer offices on the pros, cons, and challenges of using an external advisory board. These boards can provide TTOs with valuable insights on specific industries and “market-fit,” she says, but Schoppe stresses that external advisory boards should not be relied on too heavily.

University Hopes New Faculty-Friendly Leave Policy Will Spur Start-Ups Technology Transfer Tactics (Published May 2013 by Technology Transfer Central)   

“I think it’s a great idea,” adds Laura A. Schoppe, MBA, MSE, RTTP, president of tech transfer consulting firm Fuentek LLC. “People talk about it, but actual implementation can be a bit difficult.” She says she knows of instances where “prolific inventors have been in and out a couple of times,” but adds that they probably used sabbatical or some other sort of leave.

N.C. State-Eastman Relationship Blazes New TrailTriangle BizBlog (4/26/2013)  

“It is unusual,” says Laura Schoppe, president of Apex-based Fuentek, which consults with universities and companies on projects like this.…  Especially as federal and state research contracts shrink with all federal spending, this kind of relationship could be the wave of the future, she adds. Schoppe says the deal makes sense as universities must turn to private industries to keep their research programs chugging along.… “Once you have that relationship, the ability to multiply it is much easier,” she says. “Instead of having to hunt and peck for (grants) here or there.”

UALR Program Will Help Researchers Go From 'Lab to Launch' – Arkansas Business News (2/21/2013) 

The Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center will host Lab2Launch, a one-day commercialization training event for university researchers and high-tech entrepreneurs… Laura Schoppe and Danielle McCulloch of Fuentek LLC will lead the training. Fuentek specializes in intellectual property management and technology transfer services.

Open Innovation: Are Universities Standing in the Way? Technology Transfer Tactics (Published February 2013 by Technology Transfer Tactics) (link opens new browser window) 

This is a typical complaint of companies, notes Laura Schoppe, the president and owner of Fuentek LLC, an Apex, NC-based firm that works with both public and private entities to advance technologies. However, she has not found that to be the case. “Licensing deals are usually anywhere from fractions of a percent to maybe 5%,” she says. “You don’t see university licenses at 10% or 20%. Those are corporate licenses, so my experience has not been that universities are gouging companies.”

Consultant Gives TTOs Advice on How to Educate Researchers on IP The Tech Transfer Blog (1/28/2013) 

In a recent blog post, Fuentek consultant Danielle McCulloch gives university tech transfer offices the lowdown on educating inventors about intellectual property. “It’s in a TTO’s interest” to educate their research faculty, McCulloch says, whether it’s in a classroom or through a user-friendly website. The simple reason, she adds, is that researchers with appropriate knowledge of IP law and protection are more likely to succeed than those without. McCulloch offers four pieces of advice to TTOs that aim to teach academics about IP.

Triangle Execs Talk about New Year’s ResolutionsTriangle Business Journal (1/3/2013) 

Laura Schoppe - Founder and President, Fuentek LLC: To secure at least three new clients to counterbalance the potential impact of the 'fiscal cliff' and further diversify our client base.

Q&A: Laura Schoppe on new patent lawTriangle Business Journal (12/2012) 

The America Invents Act is the most sweeping piece of patent-related legislation in a generation.... Meanwhile, universities are dealing with shrinking public funds for their myriad research projects. Triangle Business Journal discussed these two issues with Laura Schoppe. Schoppe's consulting firm, Fuentek LLC in Apex, specializes in technology transfer, particularly for research universities and government agencies.

Treasure Hunting profile in Business North Carolina as a runner up for the Small Business of the Year award (12/2012) 

Laura Schoppe cut her teeth far from the quiet street in Apex where she now lives and works. “After graduating from college, I worked in the defense industry doing missile-plume intelligence as part of the Star Wars program,” she says of her time tracking faint disturbances in the sky half a globe away. Now she’s president of Fuentek LLC, where she and a stable of nine employees and 21 consultants turn clients’ ideas into moneymaking products and businesses.

Looming Federal Budget Cuts a Big Risk to Small US BusinessesAssociated Press (10/17/2012) 

Laura Schoppe’s small business gets about half of its revenue from contracts with the federal government. It’s at risk of losing a chunk of that money in 2013.  Schoppe and thousands of other small companies with federal contracts are watching to see if Congress will stop a mandatory $109 billion in federal budget cuts scheduled to take effect Jan. 2 in what’s being called sequestration. Plans for the cuts were triggered by the failure of Washington lawmakers to strike a budget deal that would begin chipping away at the U.S. deficit.

Doing More with Less: How Interns Help Accelerate Tech Transfer – guest article by Fuentek's Laura A. Schoppe and Danielle McCulloch published in Today's Campus (link opens new browser window) (Sept-Oct 2012) 

Moving innovation from research labs into the mainstream of U.S. economy has always been the goal of the technology transfer community. Recently, tech transfer has received increased attention, with the hope that it can drive business development that is essential for the economic recovery in the United States. Since his term began, President Obama has emphasized furthering innovation to help build our economy. More recently, a series of presidential memos and pending legislation have put increasing pressure on tech transfer offices (TTOs) to accelerate technology commercialization to drive job growth and enhance the vitality of local and regional business environments. At the same time, many TTOs are facing budget constraints due to the economic downturn. As TTOs are being asked to do more with fewer resources, many consider using interns to help achieve their objective.

Startup Act 2.0 Fails to Address the Danger of Innovators as "Free Agents" – The Tech Transfer Blog (link opens new browser window) (7/11/2012) 

Laura A. Schoppe, president and founder of tech transfer consulting firm Fuentek, LLC, recently posted an article about Startup Act 2.0, the revised version of a bill that's been making its way through the U.S. Congress and which has raised the ire of tech transfer leaders over its "free agency" provisions promoting faculty control over the commercialization of their research.

Startup Act 2.0: Free Agency Is Still There, Still a Problem – guest post by Fuentek's Laura A. Schoppe on TechCrunch(link opens new browser window) (7/7/2012) 

On May 22nd, Sens. Moran and Warner were joined by Sens. Rubio and Coons in introducing Startup Act 2.0, a revised version of legislation proposed last December that contained questionable provisions to allow university professors to choose their own agents to help transfer their technology rather than be tied to their home university's technology transfer office (TTO)—the so-called free agency provision.

The Free Agency of Ideas – Inside Higher Education (link opens new browser window) (5/10/2012)  

Laura Schoppe, president of Fuentek, a consulting company in North Carolina that works with university technology licensing offices to commercialize research, and whose company would likely benefit from the bill's passage, said she opposes the policy because of the logistical problems it creates. "Good or bad, there are some serious implementation questions that have not been addressed," she said. Schoppe also sits on AUTM's governing board.

Fuentek Paper Offers Social Media Tips for Tech Transfer Marketing – Tech Transfer eNews Platinum(link opens new browser window) (Published 5/2/2012 by Technology Transfer Tactics) (link opens new browser window) 

Fuentek, LLC has released a white paper entitled Leveraging Social Media for Technology Transfer Marketing that was developed to provide TTOs with detailed tips for effective application of web-based communication tools. Fuentek’s instructional paper not only explains the benefits that TTOs can gain from incorporating social media into their strategic business plans, but also offers suggestions for leveraging web-based tools to achieve goals and get results.

Don't Be Shy about Your Tech Transfer Successes – The IP Marketing Blog(link opens new browser window) (5/1/2012)

"It might feel like bragging, but communicating the results of technology transfer is as important as executing tech transfer deals," says Danielle McCulloch, a senior consultant with research commercialization consulting firm Fuentek. "Effective communications tools that illustrate your TTO's positive achievements demonstrate to your internal and external stakeholders both the value of tech transfer and how successful your TTO is in supporting the mission of your institution."

Don't Forget the Basics When Using Social Media to Market TechnologiesIntellectual Property Marketing Advisor (Published May 2012 by Technology Transfer Tactics)(link opens new browser window) 

Social media marketing can be challenging, and as the "latest and greatest" of marketing tactics it can also be glamorous, but it's critical to never take your eyes off the basics, caution experts from consulting firm Fuentek, LLC. "Despite the fact that some people may know the basics, one of the things we find is that they forget to start there every time," says Danielle McCulloch, a senior consultant who serves as Fuentek's client lead at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center and at two major research universities.

Fuentek Releases White Paper on Social Media Marketing for TTOs – The IP Marketing Blog (link opens new browser window) (4/16/2012)  

Fuentek, LLC has released a white paper titled Leveraging Social Media for Technology Transfer Marketing, designed to explain the benefits that TTOs can gain from incorporating social media into their strategic business plans. It also offers suggestions for leveraging web-based tools to achieve goals and improve results. The white paper includes experience-based recommendations for the effective use of platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and SlideShare. It emphasizes the importance of using these tools to build online relationships in order to establish potential partnerships and licensing opportunities. It also offers advice for using blogs to spark online conversations and enhance a TTO's visibility, and recommends a "quality over quantity" approach.

New Research Strongly Suggests Gender Bias a Force at University TTOs Technology Transfer Tactics (Published March 2012 by Technology Transfer Tactics) (link opens new browser window) 

Laura Schoppe, the founder of Fuentek, an Apex, NC-based IP management and technology transfer services firm that manages the patent portfolios for some TTOs as well as private clients, says one way to combat internal bias is to bring in an outsider to review disclosures. Her firm has, in fact, handled this task for some clients, including TTOs. Another option is to remove the inventors' names from internal reviews. "We helped set up such a process for one client," Schoppe reports. "They were using some internal people to evaluate technologies, but because it was peer review, there was definitely some personality bias. We removed the names from the paperwork the reviewers got so they had no idea [whose work] they were looking at. They might be able to guess, but they didn't know for certain."

Concerns Raised About Bill Aimed at Boosting Startups – Triangle Business Journal (3/2/2012) 

That’s the part of the bill that has Laura Schoppe, president of tech transfer company Fuentek, and some of her colleagues skeptical. “Our concern is the practicality of implementation,” she says. “UNC, larger universities, they are overburdened just by the technology they have.” The bill doesn’t address how institutions would prioritize licensing. “Are they going to go offline from one of their own technologies and devote resources to the Pembroke one?,” she asks, adding that licensing outside technologies would bring about even more problems. “They’ll get less a piece of the pie than they would if it was their own technology, and it could damage the relationship with their own faculty.”

Structured Intern Program Helps Eliminate Backlog of Invention DisclosuresTech Transfer (Published February 2012 by Technology Transfer Tactics (link opens new browser window))

Laura A. Schoppe, president and founder of Fuentek, LLC, agrees, recalling how faculty at one university were “almost in revolt” because of the backlog of hundreds of disclosures. A solution she has used with several clients, and one that a number of TTO directors have successfully used to help reduce or eliminate disclosures, is to establish an intern program to supplement existing staff…. Schoppe has several recommendations for creating a successful intern program.

Looking to Commercialize Your Tech? 5 Tips for Success – opens new browser window) (2/20/2012) 

The most successful technology transfer offices are those that follow an overall strategy with defined processes. To help your office identify those technologies most likely to be effectively commercialized, and then facilitate their transfer through well-organized intellectual property management, consider the following five tips.

The Latest News About the AUTM GTP – AUTM Blog(link opens new browser window) (2/8/2012) 

On behalf of the AUTM Board, I'd like to thank Laura Schoppe, AUTM VP for Strategic Alliances for the incredible amount of personal /volunteer time and effort she provided to make the GTP a reality. The idea for the GTP first arose after AUTM surveyed members. We asked how AUTM could help you achieve success, and the vast majority of you responded by asking us to help you do deals. The Board made this a priority, decided that a website to connect our members with industry would serve this need, and the idea for the GTP was born. Turning that idea into a free member benefit and valuable resource took a tremendous amount of time and effort, and we couldn't have done it without Laura and the help of the AUTM GTP Task Force.

AUTM Launches Its Global Technology Portal – The Tech Transfer Blog (link opens new browser window) (2/8/2012) 

Laura Schoppe, RTTP, AUTM’s Vice President for Strategic Alliances and principal with Fuentek LLC, played a key role in developing the GTP. “I am excited about the future of the Global Technology Portal,” Schoppe comments. “This portal will help foster a community of collaboration that results in licensing technologies and developing valuable partnerships much more effectively and consistently.”

‘Free Agency’ Tech Transfer Provisions in Startup Act Raise Numerous Questions – The Tech Transfer Blog (link opens new browser window) (2/1/2012) 

Fuentek LLC founder and president Laura Schoppe writes on the company’s blog about the inclusion of the “free agency” concept in Section 7 of the Moran-Warner Startup Act. This idea, originally proposed by the Kauffman Foundation, allows professors to choose their own agents to help transfer their technology rather than being tied to their home university’s TTO. (See previous eNews items here and here.) Before such a plan can be implemented, key questions must be addressed, she says.

Five Tech TransferResolutions for a Productive 2012 – The Tech Transfer Blog (link opens new browser window) (1/11/2012) 

Fuentek, LLC founder and president Laura Schoppe asks on her company’s blog whether your TTO has set resolutions for 2012. Here are her top five recommendations for the New Year: ...

Attract Faculty to Your Side Through Systematic Screening and Interns – The Tech Transfer Blog (link opens new browser window) (12/21/2011) 

Fuentek LLC founder and president Laura Schoppe writes on her company’s blog that a recent conversation on an AUTM discussion group focused on formalizing a TTO’s triage process. The director initiating the discussion was contemplating using interns for technology triage because his resources are limited and he wanted his licensing project managers to remain focused on getting deals executed. Here are Schoppe’s suggestions for adopting such a strategy.

Virtual Teams: How to Make Them Work – guest article by Fuentek's Laura A. Schoppe in Enterprising Women magazine (link opens new browser window) (December 2011) 

Minimal overhead. A flexible work life. No office space to maintain. And no long commutes through heavy traffic. With these enticing benefits, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs fantasize about running a virtual company, and employees dream of working for one. But is going virtual really right for you and your business?

TTO Patent Strategies Run the Gamut, from ‘Singles’ to Swinging for the Fences – The Tech Transfer Blog (link opens new browser window) (11/9/2011) 

“There was a group we spoke to -- a government agency – which patents everything that is disclosed,” Shoppe says. “That floored us, because statistically they know they will not all be good -- and it’s expensive. They use in-house counsel, but it still costs you.”… “From their perspective it kind of alleviates their responsibility,” she says. “The innovator is happy, and they do not have to respond to their questions about why they’re not patenting the invention. But they’re not proactively marketing these inventions; I would say their budget is blown in filing all those patents.”

White Paper Offers Guidance on Use of Digital Media for TTOs Tech Transfer eNews Platinum (Published 10/26/2011 by Technology Transfer Tactics (link opens new browser window))

Entitled Digital Media Guidelines for Tech Transfer Offices, the 16-page paper [published by Fuentek] covers established digital tools such aswebsites, IP exchanges, open innovation portals and e-mailmarketing for licensing and partnership opportunities.… “I wouldn’t say print is dead when it comes to tech transfer marketing,” Schoppe says, “but digital media plays a huge role in how tech transfer offices do their job.”

Digital Media Can Make Your IP Come to Life – The IP Marketing Blog (link opens new browser window) (9/6/2011)

Whether in the form of a webcast, podcast, or YouTube video, digital media offers exceptional vehicles for marketing individual technologies, says Karen Hiser, a senior consultant with Fuentek, LLC. The trick, she says, is determining which approach — or combination of approaches — best suits a given invention. “Taking advantage of digital media can help bring technology to life,” says Hiser. “As opposed to a one- or two-page data sheet with an image or two, well-done video and/or audio helps the audience understand how the technology works. It makes it more glamorous, and can really help eliminate the ‘tire kickers.’”

Fuentek Offers Free Guide to Creating Inventor Podcasts – The IP Marketing Blog (link opens new browser window) (8/23/2011)

To help IP marketers get started, Fuentek is offering a free five-minute webcast with “detailed how-to information” on preparing inventor podcasts for technology marketing.

Reworked Website at Georgia Tech Provides More Navigable 'Roadmaps' for Industry – The IP Marketing Blog (link opens new browser window) (8/16/2011)

A revamped website for Georgia Tech's technology commercialization services has made it much easier for key audiences to find what they're looking for and to quickly and easily get there, says Karen Hiser, senior technology transfer consultant at Fuentek, LLC, who worked closely with the Georgia Tech in reworking the site.

AUTM Announces Website to Facilitate Academic/Industry Partnerships – AUTM press release (link opens new browser window) (8/9/2011)

"The Global Technology Portal will be a one-stop shop for corporations to find university technologies available for licensing," says Laura Schoppe, AUTM VP for Strategic Alliances. "The portal will help facilitate license agreements, collaborative research agreements, and investments or partnership arrangements for university startups," she adds.

(link opens new browser window)Crowdsourcing Works…for a Few – guest article by Fuentek's Laura A. Schoppe on StartUp Beat (7/27/2011)

"Crowdsourcing" is a trendy term these days, and like all trends, has its positive and negative aspects. Although trendy terms tend to take on several meanings, the ones I'm referring to are web-based systems where organizations with a technical need (seekers) can post their problem (challenge) and allow "the crowd" (solvers) to offer up their ideas for a solution.... [C]rowdsourcing may provide a low-cost means for your startup to get its technology (or need) "out there" in the hopes that someone looking for (or offering) a technical solution will find your posting and connect with you. However, crowdsourcing comes with a cost and can have significant limitations.

Include Industry-Specific Sites in Social Media Strategy – The IP Marketing Blog (link opens new browser window) (7/19/2011)

While most of the major social media sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) are likely on your regular hit list, in crafting your social media strategy it’s also important to make sure you include industry-specific sites, says Karen Hiser, senior technology transfer consultant with Fuentek.

The Threshing Continues: A Step-by-Step Process for In-Depth Technology Assessment – LES Insights(link opens new browser window)  (7/12/2011)

As the second phase in technology evaluation, the technology assessment is performed on technologies that successfully "pass" the preliminary screening and now require more in-depth analysis to confirm the commercialization potential.… For technologies that continue down the path to commercialization, an assessment also provides the basics of the marketing plan. This article presents the steps to take in assessing a technology and preparing a report for use by decision makers determining whether to proceed with marketing of the innovation.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: A Step-by-Step Process for Cost-Effective Technology Screening – LES Insights (link opens new browser window) (7/5/2011)

Technology screening is the first half of a two-part structured process that helps prioritize the innovations in a technology portfolio to ensure effective use of resources for commercialization marketing and deal making.… This article presents an overview of the steps for screening a technology and preparing a report to aid decision makers.

Execs Stress Education, Training to Jobs Council – (link opens new browser window) (6/13/2011)

Laura Schoppe, whose company Fuentek works with federal agencies and labs in technology transfer, said government lab commercialization efforts are “not well funded.” One result, she stressed, is that the commercialization pipeline of government discoveries “is not full.” Schoppe called for streamlining of commercialization and standardization of language so government labs and the private sector can be on the same page. She complained that the labs “don’t communicate” with each other.

A Virtual Success: Growing a Business without an Office Minority Business Entrepreneur (Published May/June 2011 by MBE (link opens new browser window))

It’s a Friday afternoon in North Carolina and Laura Schoppe, president of Fuentek, LLC, is sitting in her virtual office with her two dogs. She’s in a great mood and has reason to be. Her technology transfer firm, which she started almost 10 years ago, has exceeded expectations, in spite of the economic downturn.

Fuentek Report Provides Template to Build an Effective TTO Website Tech Transfer eNews Platinum (Published 4/13/2011 by Technology Transfer Tactics (link opens new browser window))

Having a robust and effective website to promote technologies and services is a must-have for university TTOs, according to Karen Hiser, senior consultant with tech transfer and IP consulting firm Fuentek LLC of Apex, NC. In an article that Fuentek shared with eNews Platinum readers, Hiser explains how to understand your AMMO: audience, message, mechanism, and outcome.

Making University, Government Tech Transfer More Effective – guest post by Fuentek's Laura A. Schoppe on WRAL TechWire (4/12/2011)

Technology transfer programs at major research universities and other large institutions vary greatly in their technology transfer structure, both at the campus level and (for large, multi-campus systems) at the institutional level. This paper discusses best practices for implementing (1) centralization within a single campus, (2) coordination across multiple campuses, and (3) consolidation across multiple campuses. Although written with a focus on universities, the principles and practices are applicable to federal laboratories as well.

Is There an Advantage to Being a Hispanic Female in Business? - Hispanic Executive (March/April 2011) — a point-counterpoint with Laura Schoppe (p.10) (link opens new browser window)

As a Hispanic woman running a business in a mostly male-dominated industry (high-tech business-to-business), I think I have the advantage in that I am more easily remembered when I attend networking functions or marketing meetings; a dozen women at a meeting of 500 naval officers and government contractors tend to stand out. Being remembered makes it easier for me to follow up to secure new business. However, if I were unable to present our business offering intelligently and professionally, this trait would backfire, and I would be remembered instead as the person who did not impress them.

Examine Best Practices in Centralization, Coordination, Consolidation of University TTOsTech Transfer eNews Platinum (Published 3/30/2011 by Technology Transfer Tactics (link opens new browser window))

University TTOs and research organizations face many challenges in moving the innovations, technologies, and other IP of academic researchers into the commercial marketplace quickly, cost-effectively, and successfully. A white paper by consultant Laura Schoppe, CEO of Fuentek LLC, examines how a certain level of centralization, coordination, and consolidation improves the efficiency and effectiveness of these programs, particularly in situations involving more than one office or campus.

Glass Half Full? Technology Transfer in a DownturnWorld Intellectual Property Review (Published January/February 2011 by WIPR(link opens new browser window))

Schoppe explains: "The crash hit endowments for private universities. State funds got whacked. State universities had to give money back in some cases."… Schoppe says that although the economic crisis has made everyone realise they need to do more with less, it doesn't have to mean that technology transfer suffers. Indeed, as the economy slowly recovers, universities can benefit from the government's continued support, while larger corporations are returning to tech transfer as a means of compensating for reductions in their own research budgets. "There's been a culture shift," Schoppe says.… Good processes for identifying the best technologies in a university's portfolio are vital. She says: "Managing the portfolio proactively is important-many universities are reactive. They should be more proactive about determining which technologies are the most important. Most of them have too much clutter on their desks, but often people in universities find it hard to let go of things they've been working on, even if they're going nowhere."

Redefine TTO Metrics to Improve Progress toward Institutional GoalsTechnology Transfer Tactics (Published December 2010 by Technology Transfer Tactics(link opens new browser window))

"… But with the increased emphasis on commercializing university IP, Laura A. Schoppe, president of Apex, NC-based consulting firm Fuentek, LLC, argues that AUTM metrics are no longer sufficient…" 

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Press Releases

Fuentek has issued the following press releases:

Fuentek Announces the Appointment of Danielle McCulloch as a Vice President (6/30/2015) 

Fuentek Announces the Appointment of Rebecca Stoughton as a Vice President (6/30/2015) 

Fuentek's Laura Schoppe to Speak at UNH Franklin Pierce IP Center's IP and Open Innovation Conference (4/10/2015) 

Fuentek's Laura A. Schoppe to Speak at Breakfast Forum for Diversity in STEM Programs (3/17/2015) 

U.S. Expert Weighs In On Social Media Relevance in Australia's Technology Growth (9/30/2014) 

RTP’s Fuentek Receives High Honors at 2014 STC International Summit Awards (5/5/2014) 

Fuentek Leaders to Discuss Tech Transfer Trends at the AUTM 2014 Annual Meeting (2/5/2014) 

Deadline Approaching for New LED Technology Licensing Applications (1/24/2014) 

RTP’s Fuentek Receives Two Awards from Society for Technical Communication (12/30/2013) 

Fuentek to Assist in Technology Transfer of High Efficiency Amber LEDs (11/26/2013) 

Fuentek's Laura Schoppe to Participate in Panel at AUTM 2013 Eastern Region Meeting (8/28/2013) 

NASA Tech Briefs To Host Robonaut 2 Webinar On Thursday, June 20 (6/12/2013) 

Fuentek President on Panel for White House Lab-to-Market Cross-Agency Summit (5/22/2013) 

Laura Schoppe to Participate in FLC Webinar Focused on Open Innovation and Technology Scouting (5/14/2013) 

Laura Schoppe to Serve as Panelist at Healthcare Businesswomen's Association Event on May 22 (5/08/2013) 

Fuentek Honored as One of the Top Businesses in the Country (4/29/2013) 

Fuentek's President to Speak at Technology Transfer Conference in Spain (4/24/2013) 

Fuentek Publishes White Paper on Technology Transfer's Use of Social Media (4/17/2013) 

Fuentek President To Participate In Webinar On Open Innovation Best Practices For University TTOs (4/4/2013) 

Fuentek Receives Two Awards for NASA Publications (3/29/2013) 

Fuentek President to Speak at PDMA Carolinas Event Feb. 20 (2/18/2013) 

Fuentek Senior Consultant Leads Panel At AUTM 2013 Annual Meeting (2/13/2013) 

Fuentek Technology Transfer Consultant to Speak About Social Media at AUTM 2013 Annual Meeting (2/6/2013) 

Fuentek President Laura Schoppe Presented at Technology Commercialization Meeting in Portugal (12/18/2012) 

Fuentek President Laura Schoppe Presented at Department of Defense Tech Transfer Planning Meeting (11/15/2012) 

Fuentek, LLC Announces Expansion To Washington, D.C. (8/22/2012) 

Fuentek Releases White Paper on Using Innovation Awards to Boost Commercialization (6/20/2012) 

Fuentek To Host May 16 Webinar On Implementing Open Innovation In Technology Transfer Offices (5/1/2012) 

Fuentek, LLC Releases White Paper Titled "Leveraging Social Media For Technology Transfer Marketing" (4/10/2012) 

Fuentek To Host "Effective Technology Marketing" Webinar On April 18 (3/22/2012) 

Fuentek President Leads Session at Association of University Technology Managers 2012 Annual Meeting (2/28/2012) 

Fuentek Technology Transfer Consultant to Speak About Intern Programs at AUTM 2012 Annual Meeting (2/20/2012) 

Fuentek President Laura Schoppe To Lead Feb. 7 Webinar Discussing Global Technology Portal (GTP) (2/2/2012) 

Fuentek Publishes White Paper On Commercialization of Federally Funded Research (1/30/2012) 

Fuentek President Earns Certification From International Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (12/30/2011) 

Fuentek President Featured In 2012 Woman's Advantage Calendar (11/28/2011) 

Fuentek Partners with Knowledge Investors of Vigo, Spain, to Educate European Clients on Technology Transfer (11/15/2011) 

Fuentek President to Provide Tech Transfer Advice at Department of Defense Workshop (11/3/2011) 

Fuentek Publishes White Paper On Using Digital Media for Technology Transfer (10/13/2011) 

Fuentek Announces "Stop Reacting, Start Proacting" Technology Transfer Webinar On Nov. 2 (10/5/2011) 

Fuentek Announces NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center Licenses Technology To 4DSP (9/21/2011) 

Fuentek Names Dave Wasby As Senior Technology Transfer Consultant (8/17/2011) 

Fuentek Designs Industry-Centric Website For Georgia Tech's Technology Commercialization Services (7/18/2011) 

Fuentek, LLC Technology Transfer Webinars Now Available On Video With Live Q&A (7/5/2011) 

NASA’s Glenn Research Center Partners With Fuentek To License Technology To Enhance Lithium Ion Batteries (6/15/2011) 

Fuentek Consultants Participate In Three Sessions At AUTM Eastern Region Meeting (5/4/2011) 

Fuentek Honored As One Of The Top Businesses In The Country (4/27/2011) 

Fuentek Consultants To Lead Social Media Training For Tech Transfer At FLC National Meeting (4/19/2011) 

Registration Now Open For Fuentek Technology Transfer Webinar (4/14/2011) 

Fuentek Senior Consultant To Raise Money For Pulmonary Fibrosis (4/8/2011) 

Fuentek President Named To NC State University Strategic Advisory Board (4/6/2011)

Fuentek Representatives To Serve As Judge And Inspector At NC FIRST Robotics Competition (3/28/2011) 

Fuentek Sponsoring NC FIRST Robotics Competition (3/21/2011) 

Fuentek Publishes White Paper On Centralizing University Technology Transfer Offices (3/17/2011) 

Fuentek To Host Webinar Training For Technology Transfer Professionals And Interns (2/23/2011) 

Fuentek President Named To The Association Of University Technology Managers Board Of Directors (2/18/2011) 

Fuentek Senior Consultant To Serve As Panelist In IP Marketing Advisor Webinar (2/10/2011) 

Fuentek Redesigns NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center’s Tech Transfer Website (2/3/2011) 

Fuentek Launches Redesigned Website (1/25/2011) 

Fuentek President To Serve As Panelist In IP Marketing Advisor Webinar (1/13/2011) 

Fuentek White Paper On Technology Transfer Metrics Practices Published In Technology Transfer Tactics Library (12/27/2010) 

Fuentek Publishes White Paper On Enhancing Economic Development Through Technology Transfer (12/16/2010) 

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Fuentek is proud of its high-caliber team and the recognition we have received for our accomplishments:

For our company "Top 2014 Women Owned Businesses" Award (2014) 


Business North Carolina magazine's "Small Business of the Year" – finalist (2012) 

SOBTY plaque

Cary Magazine Western Wake 100 List (2008–2010) 

western wake 100 "Top Business List" National Business Award (2006–2011) 


Trend POV Spotlight Award (2010)

Trend POV logo

Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Pinnacle Award (2009)  

chamber pinnacle logo North Carolina's Top Businesses (2005–2009)  

Diversity Business Award winner emblem

Stevie Awards for Women in Business, finalist in four categories (2007)  

Stevie award

For our team

NASA Agency Honor Awards for 5 team members' efforts on 2 projects (2012) 

tbj 40 under 40

Business Leader Magazine's Impact Entrepreneur Award finalist, Laura A. Schoppe (2009) 

business leader magazine

Triangle Business Journal Women in Business Award, Laura A. Schoppe (2008) 

Women in Business award

For our communications products

2009 Accomplishments at the NASA Ames Innovative Partnerships Program Office

NASA Communications Material Review Gallery Award for Working with the NASA Glenn Research Center: How to Contribute to and Benefit from the Space Program brochure

Over the years, Fuentek has submitted numerous publications products to the Carolina Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication awards program. (link opens new browser window

The following publications received STC recognition: 

NASA Glenn Research Center 2011 Technology Transfer Calendar

Innovative Partnerships Office Website, NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center

IPP Seed Fund Success for NASA's Innovative Partnerships Program

2007 Accomplishments Report for the Innovative Partnerships Program Office at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (link opens new browser window

Goddard Tech Transfer News magazine design

Display for the Innovative Partnerships Program Office at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center(link opens new browser windo

2004 Annual Report for the Office of Technology Transfer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center(link opens new browser window)

2004 redesign of the Web site for the Office of Technology Transfer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

2003 Annual Report for the Office of Technology Transfer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center(link opens new browser window)

Nanotechnology at NASA video for the Office of Technology Transfer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Extreme Loading brochure for Applied Science International(link opens new browser window)

2002 Technology Transfer/Commercialization Report for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center(link opens new browser window)

Web site for technology licensing opportunity for Roche Diagnostics

Fuentek's 2003-developed Web site

Fuentek's 2003-developed corporate brochure(link opens new browser window)

Goddard Tech Transfer News newsletter design(link opens new browser window)

2001 Annual Report for the Technology Commercialization Office at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center(link opens new browser window)


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