We know you are overburdened. So we partner with you to lighten your load while increasing your impact

  • Too many technologies in the portfolio and with too much variety given limited staff
  • Too high patenting costs
  • Too many marketing projects with too limited budgets
  • Too many inventors who want more to happen with their innovations

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Innovation/IP Management

Deal with your IP proactively, efficiently, and effectively

Having served numerous clients with high-quality services, Fuentek is the industry leader in IP portfolio management and technology commercialization. Our team’s combination of technical expertise and business acumen enable Fuentek to effectively manage any technology in any industry.

Below are a few of the areas we can assist with as well as links to some of our insights and favorite tips.

Recognized throughout the profession as a best practice, our Fuentek Filtering Process has saved clients millions of dollars and established scores of win-win deals.

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Fuentek’s Filtering Process consistently results in:

  • Greater efficiencies—both time and cost—in processing and patenting invention disclosures
  • Increased licenses, options, and other deals through more targeted efforts
  • Increased startup company formation and venture capital investments by identifying the right opportunities
  • Enhanced visibility and prestige for technology transfer programs throughout the process

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