Fuentek helps you:

  • Strategically invest in higher potential opportunities
  • Launch more businesses that achieve ongoing success
  • Cultivate a stronger entrepreneurial spirit that flourishes with short-term wins and long-term impact

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Business Development

Create technology-based ventures that meet market needs today and beyond

Successful economic and business development in today’s innovation economy relies on a combination of empowering and supporting entrepreneurs. Fuentek can help with:

  • Startup Accelerators
  • Business Incubators
  • Entrepreneurship Programs
  • High-Tech Economic Development
  • Innovation Enterprise Development
  • Seed & Venture Capital (VC) Funds

Having worked with dozens of clients across private, university, and government sectors, Fuentek knows what it takes to develop a successful technology-based business.

Leveraging our team's technical expertise, business acumen, and communications skills, we offer comprehensive services that help align innovation with market needs and investor interests.

Fuentek will work with you to design the right combination of services to meet your needs for:

  • Creation: Launching more startups, building more businesses, and enhancing economic impact
  • Investment: Generating the greatest return by strategically allocating internal resources and leveraging external resources (funding, technology licensing, technology sourcing, open innovation, etc.)
  • Impact: Aligning technology-based solutions with market needs, increasing the chances of success
  • Influence: Spreading the word, increasing your reach, and connecting with your targets
  • Connections: Identifying sources of funding and presenting a compelling pitch
  • Empowerment: Creating teams with the capabilities needed to succeed

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